Market Intelligence for the Subscription Economy

Acquiring, retaining, and monetizing Subscribers starts with a holistic understanding of Subscriber behavior: where are your users spending and how is that changing over time?

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A Complete View of Your Subscribers

We analyze millions of consumer transactions on an explicit opt-in, privacy-compliant basis to provide you with the most robust, market intelligence available.

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Our Insights

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Gain the Understanding to Act Decisively

Define Your Success Metrics

Focus your definition of success on the metrics that matter in the subscription economy – such as acquisition, conversion, churn, and loyalty – and measure success against those metrics regularly.

Benchmark Against Your Peers

Broaden your frame of reference with relevant insights from across your industry. Learn which strategies are working for your peers to increase acquisition or reduce churn, and evaluate the right strategies for you.

Make Data-Informed Strategic Decisions

Make confident pricing and distribution decisions with a robust data set that allows deep cohorting across time, plan tier, distribution channel, and more.

We Measure Subscriber Behavior

Antenna’s data comes directly from the source: the Consumer. We capture Purchase and Subscription signals of millions of Americans, rather than relying on approximations, self-reported inputs, or client-reported data.

Our Unique Approach

Antenna collects transaction information, on a privacy-compliant basis, from a blend of data partners which provides for rich, historical analytics and in-depth cohorting such as across third-party distributors and a consumer's "basket" of purchases.

Purpose Built for the Digital Subscription Economy

Antenna defines and calculates key Subscription metrics like Sign-Ups, Subscribers, Churn Rate, and Market Share so that the data we provide is directly actionable by the industry.

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