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Every industry needs a trusted measurement provider to answer questions beyond first-party data. Our team has the experience to help brands understand the Subscription Economy.

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Our Team

We have exceptional founder-market fit, with a deep bench of industry experts helping clients act decisively to win subscriber allegiance.
Portrait of Rameez Tase Co Founder and CEO

Rameez Tase

Co-Founder and CEO

Experienced analytics executive at top venture-backed digital startups, Axios (the prototypical DTC media company!) and Mic. One of the early digital growth pioneers.

Black and white portrait of Jonathan Carson Co Founder and Chair

Jonathan Carson

Co-Founder and Chair

Serial entrepreneur, was the founder and CEO of the company that invented social media analytics, BuzzMetrics, acquired by Nielsen. Seasoned digital executive - CEO of Nielsen Digital, CRO of The Trade Desk and Vevo.

Danielle Fleischman

Customer Success
“It's not often that you find a company where their commitment to customers success is such a central pillar of their business.”

Gilles Duterque

Data Science
“At Antenna, we get to use the latest advancements in research methods and data science to uncover brand new knowledge about the fast-changing subscription landscape. It doesn't get any better than that.”

Ishita Aloni

“Being in a psychologically safe environment where my personal values are truly reflected in Antenna's culture allows me to challenge myself to grow past the limits of what I'm capable of every single day.”

Jay Shiel

“Today, there are subscription services to entertain, enhance, and simplify nearly every aspect of our lives. The opportunity at Antenna to help our clients better understand and serve their customers, all of us, is exciting and impactful.”

Matt Ciampa

“As a numbers guy, I fundamentally believe data can enable the truth. I’m excited to be part of Antenna’s mission to expand access to this knowledge and truth in an evolving market.”

Sarah Kim

“The degree of care, integrity, and intensity the Antenna team invests into addressing our customers’ needs and supporting one another is inspiring. It’s the right team at the right time in service of a dynamic industry.”

Vanessa Ritchie

“It's a privilege to work for a company that takes its culture and values so seriously. Analyzing the subscription economy will only become more important over time, and building towards our goals with diligence and intentionality is what excites me the most.”

We’re Backed By Top Investors

In 2020, we raised a $4.2M seed funding round led by Raine Ventures. As one of the most respected investment banks in the Media space, Raine Ventures was also the lead investor of companies like Foursquare, Soundcloud, and Tastemade. With their deep expertise across all aspects of Media + Technology, Raine understood Antenna's value proposition from the first conversation.

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