Antenna Q1’24 State of Subscriptions Report: Premium SVOD

The headlines suggesting that the boom times are over for streaming video have been unavoidable. And while it’s true that growth for the Premium SVOD category has moderated to 10% in 2023, the category has more than doubled in four years.

To be clear, the slowdown in growth is not an issue with acquisition. Antenna measured 164.7M Gross Additions in 2023, an increase of 19.3M compared to 2022. But while Gross Additions are up, so too is the Churn Rate. Churn in the Premium SVOD category has increased considerably over the past four years, placing even more pressure on growth. In 2023 Antenna measured 36.2M more Cancels than in the previous year, which translated to 17M fewer Net Additions. This means that streaming services are having to work harder for smaller subscriber gains.

Here at Antenna, we believe the streaming video industry is entering a new phase. Previously, the industry was hyper-focus on acquisition as streaming services looked to establish a mass audience. But now that the largest players have scale, they have to shift their focus to more advanced subscriber management.

In our Q1’24 State of Subscriptions Report, we dig into three key areas where we think services can gain a more sophisticated understanding of their subscribers and their behaviors: 

  1. Winbacks;
  2. New Subscribers;
  3. Serial Churners. 

In the coming days, we’ll highlight some of the analyses featured in the report here on the Insights Blog.

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Brendan Brady is a Content Strategy Associate at Antenna, a measurement and analytics company providing insight into purchase behavior and subscription metrics across the new media landscape.